Bet365 is one of the most prominent gambling/betting sites available. The sportsbook is very in-depth, and offers a good variety of sports and betting ventures for both novice and experienced gamblers. Having won the “Operator of the Year” award for 2010, Bet365 has backed up the hype surrounding the site; hype generated by their generous use of pop-up ads and referral based advertising.

After going through the registration for the site and taking a look at the options, I was actually pretty impressed. The Live Stream for sports is excellent and seems to run without any hiccups whatsoever, and the betting system offers a great variety for the sports fan. I did find the menus a little tricky to navigate at first, however, as I got used to the format it became very intuitive and easy to use. Bet365 is no joke, and they are certainly reputable and easy-to-use option for online betting and sportsbooks.

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Making a Deposit

Bet 365 offers a decent variety of options for placing a deposit, and the minimums for the more common methods of deposit like credit card or moneybookers are pretty low, which could be a good selling point for novice gamblers or recreational betters. Most of the methods are instant transfers for both deposits and withdrawals, with the exception of wire transfers and cheques—Not quite sure who’d use a cheque for a gaming site, but at least that audience is catered to with Bet365.

Bet365 is current with their security software, and are consistently rated as secure by webhosts and third party reviews. Your preferred method of deposit will be securely looked after, and their instant transfer times on the most common methods of payment make getting your earnings easy and fast. Payouts/Bonuses

Payouts are handled instantly through major services, and with the exception of either MoneyTT or Click2Pay top out at 50,000. This is certainly no small change, and certainly the site offers the opportunity for betters to withdraw their winnings quickly and efficiently. There have been some, and I emphasize “some” as meaning an extremely small percentage, individuals who have complained about the 50000 limit, but I tend to lump those people together as people who probably just want to flex a little virtual muscle in the forums. If a 50000 withdrawal limit is too “mickey mouse” for you, try VCBet. For everyone else who bets $100 or so…the payout limit should suit you just fine.

The number one complaint about Bet365 is that there aren’t as many “reload” bonuses for players. This is a fairly common issue in gambling sites, so it’s not one that sets Bet365 apart in any way, although it is frustrating to see new players get rewards for joining while reloading your account doesn’t see any return. New players are offered a 100% bonus up to $200, while returning players receive nothing. Bet365 does offer a 50% parlay bonus on American sports (NHL, NFL, MLB NBA and College) while also guaranteeing the best odds on greyhounds and the best price on horse racing. For the serious or novice gambler, these promises are a bit simpler than some of the flash and flair offered by other sites, but they are excellent bonuses for people who want to wager and play. I actually like the idea of “no free money” since it encourages betting and wagering—if you’re not interested in either you’ve probably stumbled onto the wrong site!

Customer Service at Bet365

Live chat and toll free calling are available, but what stood out for Bet365 was their FAQ and Help sections. Thorough, comprehensive and extremely helpful FAQ and Help allows users to find the answers to nearly all their questions without relying on the live chat feature, and more importantly allows novice and rookie gamblers to research and understand the language, terms and tactics for betting. The site offers good “How-To” help for placing bets and wagering, and is a terrific benefit for players who don’t necessarily understand the terminology or format of the site. This feature actually jumped Bet365 way ahead in my books, since it makes it an every man’s site which is readily available and helpful to its clients.

Betting, Trends and Lines

Wow. Up to date lines, way ahead of time, and one of the better NFL betting trends sites I’ve come across. The list of betting options is huge, but manages to not be overwhelming with the layout. If betting NFL and NFL trends is your fix, then you definitely need to check out the layout and format for Bet365. They do offer a tremendous depth of other games and sports, but the big focuses you’re looking at here are football and soccer; Understandable given the size of the markets. Bet365 also offers up financials, and a few more obscure sports like volleyball, skiing and track and field to satiate the tastes of more involved gamblers, but most of the action is on the bigger North American and European sports.

Bet365 Overall Assessment

I was initially very skeptical and somewhat biased against Bet365, mainly due to their aggressive online marketing strategies…in a nutshell I hate their pop-ups when I’m trying to watch my favourite TV shows online. As I checked through the site I found myself getting more and more involved and interested, and actually switched my business over from The sites ease of access and layout made them easier to navigate, and I was very comfortable with the deposit options.

Overall, of the sportsbooks I’ve visited and reviewed, Bet365 is my personal favourite. I would like to see them add a few reload bonuses, but that can be said for any site. There are very few hiccups or complaints to make for Bet365, and in my opinion it is the top sportsbook out there.

Bet at Bet365

Submitted by: UKFight Fan