How MMA Fights End

The Ways MMA Fights End

If you are new to the sport of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, its probably a good idea to read up on the history of MMA first. When you are done with that intro to the sport, then you should understand how a MMA fight ends and how a winner is declared.

There are a few ways a MMA match ends

1. Knockout – This is one of the most exciting way, according to crowd reactions, fights end. One fighter throws 1 or more punches or kicks and the blow is so powerful the fighter gets knocked out and can no longer fight.

A great recent knockout fight example was Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez.

2. Submission – There are a variety of submission possibilities ranging from chokes, or joint stress maneuvers. An example choke would be the rear naked choke. Another submission is joint stress maneuvers such as a knee bar or arm bar. This is where the opponent stretches the arm or knee past the joint and tries to get his or her opponent to tap in submission. Known as a tap out. Then the referee will jump in and break the fighters apart and award the winner.

A recent great submission victory and potential fight of the year candidate was Michael Chandler vs Eddie Alvarez.

3. TKO – The technical knockout is one where the fighter can’t defend themselves or some other reason the referee sees a reason to end the fight.

This type of finish often happens with one fighter on top of the other either facing them in mount or on their back and the top fighter is raining down punches.

4. DQ – The Disqualification – An opponent can lose a fight due to a disqualification move that is against the rules.

An older fight that was a DQ was Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami in Rumble on the Rock where Silva up kicked Okami when he was in the guard of Silva’s. Okami could not finish and Silva was disqualified giving Okami the win.

Another example DQ fight and more recently was when Jon Jones was dominating Matt Hamill and when Jones was in the mount he dropped a few elbows from the 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock position (a downward pointing elbow from the ceiling to the floor).

5. Judges Decision Winner – The judges do their job and make a decision on who was the winner of the fight.

6. Judges Decision Draw – A draw is when the judges deem the fight even. Neither fighter wins.

A recent fight that went to a draw was Frankie Edgar vs Grey Maynard 1